Packing and Preparing for that Time of the Month

We know what you’re thinking, and before you shut our idea down, hear us out first.  

That time of the month will always be an experience filled with body pain and emotional exhaustion even when you believe that you’ve already gotten used to it. The thing is, no one can ever get used to the random bouts of ache, crankiness, and hunger so — yep, this is the part that we tell you what you came here for — if being prepared with the essentials can help even just a little bit to lessen the effect of these challenges on you and to easen you during this time, then so be it. Right? 

So go on, grab your favorite pouch or travel kit, and let’s get it started with the packing!

1. Rudie’s EcoPads

The first one on the list is our EcoPads. Made from natural bamboo, microfiber, and PUL waterproof print that allow them to be ultra-absorbent,  neutralize odour, and offer that 100% leakage protection, they are the perfect product to start out with.

It is important to note that our EcoPads come in three different sizes, so you should know how heavy your flow usually is during your period and pack the appropriate size.

2. Rudie’s Eco Undies

Accidents happen, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we cannot and would not solve them. With Rudie’s Eco Undies, you can now get that extra level of protection that lasts up to 8 hours. Developed with a 4-layer technology, this specific pair of underwear can help you achieve that better, cleaner, and more comfortable menstruation experience that you’ve always wanted.

3. Tissue paper and/or cleansing wipes

The tissue paper and/or cleansing wipes are simply telling us that having good hygiene is still the best way to go. Not only do these help you wipe off the unnecessary stains, but they can also help you, as you freshen yourself up in the bathroom.

4. Alcohol

Similar to the third items on the list, the alcohol is primarily for hygiene purposes. Since there are bathrooms  that do not have clean sinks or even clean water, it is essential that you bring alcohol with you wherever, whenever, so you could have a way to keep your hands sanitized and clean.

5. Nice-to-haves

This one is more of an extra, a nice addition to the items in your pouch/travel kit. By nice-to-haves, we mean items that bring you comfort or help ease the aches during your period days. Nice-to-haves include, but are not limited to, small pieces of chocolates and pain medication. 

There have been plenty of well-intended and well-researched articles that claim that chocolate, dark chocolate to be specific, contributes to the decrease in your period cramps. This is probably the reason why many seem to crave it during that time of the month. Meanwhile, another way to also reduce your cramps or relieve the headache you’re feeling is by taking pain medication, such as paracetamol or Ibuprofen.

Done packing? It’s a quick and easy process, isn’t it? The commodities listed above are exactly what they are — the essentials. They’re the basic and most important things one should have during their time of the month. Forget about everything, but don’t forget about them. Also, if you’re still in doubt, just remember this: no one who has come prepared has ever lost the war.

So pack, prepare yourself, and win the war like the champion that you are.